…that who we are is more important than what we do.

We are skiers, snowboarders, surfers, backpackers, world travelers, foodies, yogis, mountain bikers, climbers, all-around adventurers. These things fill our soul and give us the fuel to keep connecting, creating and building.

Design that inspires, content that moves, experiences that unite and adventures that build character.

We make stuff that inspires action and brings important stories to life. Stuff like short films that showcase a brand’s ethos, documentaries about redemption and social equity, creative campaigns that call people to action, and on and on it goes.

These are a few of our favorite things… brands that inspire us. What inspires you?

Patagonia - “simplicity & utility”, extreme functionality, dependable quality, beautiful storytelling

REI - we also believe that you should “never stop exploring”

Anthropology - eclectic, whimsical, playing the edge

RH - modern sophistication, luxurious

Faction Skis - adventurous spirit and “collective” brand ethos

our story


global & location independent

While founded in Southern California, Hermosa Beach to be exact, Pier Collective is now global and location independent.

The origin of the name, Pier Collective was inspired by the idea of a pier extending beyond land into the ocean, something unknown and untamed; and a collective body of people coming together to work differently.

Pier: a vantage point that provides perspective for exploration while remaining anchored to a solid foundation.

Collective: a collaborative team of independent thinkers and doers that together produce results as a sum that is greater than their individual parts.


Our founder

Meet Kelly Mazanti.

Kelly is the ultimate connector. She connects people, resources and ideas to build outcomes. That’s where the Collective came from. A Collective is all about the possibilities produced by the sum being greater than the parts. With over a decade of experience working as a leader across Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and everything in-between, Kelly has built a global network of experts that she mobilizes for her clients on-demand. Her gift is in seeing a bigger picture of how seemingly disparate parts can work together to build something great, even unimaginable.

Kelly currently lives in Summit County, Colorado where she is surrounded by the beauty of high-alpine mountains that fuel her passions for skiing, backpacking and adventuring outside. To collaborate and learn more about the services that Pier Collective offers, please contact us here.